c. 1920s Gold Moonstone Cufflinks
Item: JC00027
Although unmarked, we're dating these to the early 20th C. (purchased from the former...
Price: $70.00
1950s Confetti Lucite Bola Tie w/ Crab
Item: T00030
Gold dust and glitter confetti suspended in a lucite nugget featuring a vivid red crab -...
Price: $55.00
c. 1950 Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
Item: GL00004
Flawless green glass lenses with pearlized peach details that will get you noticed - not...
Price: SOLD!
1960s Faux Tortoise Eyeglass Frames
Item: GL00007
Boxy frames are as fresh today as 50 years ago. Await your prescription or tinted lenses....
Price: $185.00
1960s Alligator Patchwork Briefcase
Item: P00095
Patchwork alligator skin briefcase lets you be traditional yet surprising. The ubiquity...
Price: $225.00
Edwardian Mother-of-Pearl Studs & Cufflinks
Item: JC00026
A fortuitous find of four shirt studs (versus the more common vintage set of three) with...
Price: $225.00
Edwardian Mother-of-pearl Cufflinks
Item: JC00025
Edwardian era mother-of-pearl octagonal cufflinks with pivoting button back. One link has...
Price: $145.00
1950s Bola Tie w/ Oriental Vignette Slide
Item: T00029
1950s bola tie with a slide featuring an Oriental vignette. Glass slide is in perfect...
Price: $50.00