1960s Vintage Yellow Pages Paper Dress (1967)
item WD00216

There's no small amount of irony in the employment of lasting and ubiquitous thematic imagery on an item of such temporal singularity. Paper fashion was heralded as the future for all things apparel – convenient, screamingly cheap, and no-fuss. Heading off for a week-long holiday? No need to pack a suitcase when you could buy disposable paper clothing at your destination. Hostess got a dab of green goddess dressing down the front of her paper frock? Toss the salad and the dress.

Although this seems like a terribly "60's" idea, newsprint as a fabric pattern had been done before, most notably by Elsa Schiaparelli 30 years earlier.

Paper dress with fold-over collar ending in ties at the front. The instruction sheet states, “When we say we want you to wear out the Yellow Pages, we mean it!” The owner of this dress, in spite of being a clotheshorse, did not. Condition is rated very good due to one small wear spot at the left shoulder seam (won't show when displayed flat) and two small areas on the back, also pictured, where something white has rubbed against the textile; slight overall age darkening to the paper. Some images are brightened to show details. (NB: this is not the dress in our About image).

Paper apparel had a lifespan of only a few years. We've let our fingers do the walking for close to 125 years. The day when phone books go the way of paper fashion may not be that far off.

Condition: Very Good

Measurements: Length 39.5", bust 42"

Price: $750.00