1970s Rhinestone Studded Flare Jeans & Jacket
item WSU00062

In 20+ years of buying vintage, we've never ever ever never never seen such a fantastic example of 1970s denim. As if the scalloped flares weren't enough of an eye-catcher, the owner had this outfit studded with prong-set blue and clear rhinestones. An absolute work of art, achieving an ombre effect on the flares with both placement and size of rhinestones. Pants have the flattering flat front and straight-waisted no-nonsense fit that hasn't been replicated (one pocket only). Jacket has zippered front that doesn't go all the way to the collar, and pouch pockets. Sleeve cuffs are zippered, and the genius rhinestone artist lined the inner sides of the cuffs so that when they're folded back they, too, sparkle. Made of yummy thick and soft denim - also probably never to be replicated again.

Superb condition. We've replaced the button on the jeans as part was missing. There is some fade in dye on flares but the rhinestones keep your eyes busy. Label: Deja Vu

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Jacket: length 25", shoulder to shoulder 18", sleeve ", bust "; Jeans: waist 31" (sized 32, size 11), hip 42", rise 12", inseam 32", flare 12.5" wide

Price: $370.00