1960s Brown Striped Suit by Penney's Towncraft
Item: MSU00040
Rich cocoa brown wool with a bright blue and dull cranberry red double-stripe - the...
Price: SOLD!
1940s Blue Serge 3-piece Suit
Item: MSU00038
Two-button rich blue serge suit has the slightly curvy silhouette that looked so great on...
Price: SOLD!
1960s Gray & Red Striped Skinny Suit Deadstock
Item: MSU00039
Gray and red striped lightweight wool suit with flat front trousers in an overall slim...
Price: SOLD!
1930s Slate Blue 3-Piece Suit
Item: MSU00037
Mid-1930s three-piece medium blue suit features the most subtle deep red plaid, with a...
Price: SOLD!
1940s Black Striped Double-breasted Suit
Item: MSU00036
Play the romantic lead in this lightweight black wool suit featuring a slim ventless...
Price: SOLD!
1940s Suit of Brown Bird's Eye Dot 2 Trousers
Item: MSU00035
Chestnut brown and cream dot, also known as bird's eye, wool suit with a rust over check...
Price: SOLD!
1940s Navy Bird's Eye Double-breasted Suit
Item: MSU00034
The most fetching fabric in a classic cut. Cream, blue, and black weave in bird's eye...
Price: SOLD!
1960s Slim Olive Window Check Suit Deadstock
Item: MSU00033
Never-worn, glorious condition, old store stock 2-button suit features notched wider...
Price: SOLD!