1950s Men's H Bar C Suit Gabardine Large
Item: MSU00061
From Vern's estate, and Vern was a tall drink of water, about 6'2". Vintage in larger...
Price: SOLD!
1970 Olive & Blue Prince of Wales Overstripe Suit
Item: MSU00056
Dated 1970, this still-fresh contemporary suit style will please those looking for a...
Price: SOLD!
1960s Prince of Wales Trim Suit, Custom
Item: MSU00057
Dated 1968, custom-made suit in a black and white prince of wales check has a modern...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Brown Twill 2-button Suit Custom Tall
Item: MSU00055
This suit was custom-tailored for the former owner while stationed in Japan. For those of...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Light Brown Double-breasted Suit
Item: MSU00054
A warm dried spice brown shot with a windowpane plaid in pale blue and salmon make this...
Price: SOLD!
1930s Double-breasted Suit, Tropical Wool
Item: MSU00053
Elegant black suit fitted through the torso, with full and straight-cut trousers, is...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Patch-pocket Suit
Item: MSU00051
Lightweight cool gray fabric with a vivid blue fleck. Jacket's patch pockets have deep...
Price: SOLD!
1950s 2-button Patch Pocket Suit Size 44
Item: MSU00050
Dated 1957, this dapper patch-pocket suit features the kind of fabric one just won't see...
Price: SOLD!