1900s Baseball Jersey w/ Cadet Collar
Item: MS00061
Light gray baseball jersey with blue pinstripes and collar placket. The cadet collar...
Price: SOLD!
c. 1930 Pinstripe Amateur Baseball Jersey
Item: MS00060
The former owner of this jersey, born in 1910, began playing with an amateur team in...
Price: $185.00
1955 Blue Patch Pocket Jacket w/ Velvet Collar
Item: MJ00022
Soft wool weave in a flat blue with white fleck and the unusual added punch of a rich...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Black Shirt
Item: MS00059
Black cotton shirt in a hefty weave has crisp white buttons down the front and two at tab...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Patch Pocket Wool Jacket By Penney's
Item: MJ00020
Beautiful loose weave wool jacket with three patch pockets. Colors are cool with an added...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Red & Black Plaid Flannel Shirt by Penney's
Item: MS00057
Bright scarlet, gray, and black plaid print on cotton flannel with front patch pocket and...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Penney's Heathered Green Corduroy Shirt
Item: MS00056
A rare 50s corduroy shirt with a nice addition of gray heathering and detailing on front...
Price: SOLD!
1950s 2-tone Brick Red Pullover Shirt - MWT
Item: MS00052
Mint never-worn condition from a family-owned men's store. 2-tone shirt of brick red or...
Price: SOLD!