1930s Claret Patterned Scarf
Item: S00017
A flattering color for virtually every skin tone - deep wine with a bold pattern and...
Price: SOLD!
1930s Salmon Silk Jacquard Scarf
Item: S00016
Palest salmon colored silk scarf has square jacquard pattern. Some minor discoloration to...
Price: $125.00
1920s Monogrammed Silk Scarf
Item: S00018
Ivory silk scarf with Art Deco monogrammed cut-work detail. Very slight fugitive dye,...
Price: SOLD!
1920s Gold Tie Clip w/ Diamond
Item: T00025
14 karat gold tie clip has cross-hatched front with white gold setting holding a tiny...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Navy Blue Leather Belt w/ Snakeskin Pattern
Item: B00013
Unusual and hard-to-find narrow belt with an ingenious design. Rather than using actual...
Price: SOLD!
Celluloid Snap Cufflinks, dated 1920
Item: JC00021
The benefit of snap cufflinks is quite obvious. An unusual color combination of mauve...
Price: $70.00
1960 Chrome Modernist Cufflinks w/ Green Enamel
Item: JC00020
Chrome link has a celadon green matte enamel base with a maze-like geometric pattern....
Price: $50.00
1920s Enamel Cufflinks
Item: JC00018
At first appearance, these links look like mother of pearl, but are in fact a warm purple...
Price: $90.00