1960s Chrome Fleur de Lis Tie Bar & Cufflinks
Item: JC00030
Bright and modern graphic impact featuring an inlaid black glass stone and enameled black...
Price: $50.00
1950s Scorpion Pendant Necklace & Cufflinks
Item: JN00103
1950s Mexican silver pendant with turquoise chips and copper scorpion, paired with cuff...
Price: $180.00
1970s Fendi Leather Briefcase, Alligator Pattern
Item: P00097
From a time when one didn't feel the need to display designer names in outre ways. Black...
Price: SOLD!
c. 1920 Art & Crafts Embossed Leather Wallet Mint
Item: W00011
Never-used warm leather wallet with stylized design on front and back. Has been...
Price: SOLD!
1940s Tina Leser Hand-blocked Silk Tie - Rare
Item: T00051
Tina Leser was a true textile artist whose earliest works are few and far between....
Price: $225.00
1950s Cufflinks & Tie Tac w/ Delft Design
Item: JC00029
Chrome finished settings contain glazed ceramic insets with a Scandinavian, or Delft,...
Price: $55.00
Late 1950s Mickey Mouse Watch w/ 1960s Band
Item: WT00001
How to wear Mickey and retain your tough guy image - a quandary faced by many stylish...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Patterned Tie, Black, White, & Orange
Item: T00044
Sinatra-dandy 1950s tie in a complex jacquard of stripes, dots, curlicues, and more. No...
Price: SOLD!