1940s Indian Head Ring, Size 11
Item: JR00033
Popular with bikers, enlisted, and plain old manly men everywhere. Truly the handsomest...
Price: SOLD!
1930s Sunglasses w/ Round Lenses, Never Worn
Item: GL00011
Palest clear yellow frame with deep green-blue glass lenses and why they are so named -...
Price: SOLD!
1930s Foster Grant Sunglasses
Item: GL00010
Very pale apple juice yellow tint to frames with green glass lenses. Only notable flaw to...
Price: SOLD!
1950s Truman Eyeglass Frames, Brown
Item: GL00012
Can't be more evocative than the style name of these frames - the Truman. Originally had...
Price: SOLD!
1960s Hammered Brass Ring
Item: JR00032
Perfectly imperfect solid brass ring is terrifically tough. Also looks kakkoii on a...
Price: SOLD!
c. 1940 Sterling Tie Bar w/ Scimitar Pendant
Item: T00055
Dashing and dapper, set with marcasites. Open frame pendant highlights an exotic...
Price: SOLD!
1940s Walrus Tusk Walrus Head Cufflink
Item: JC00031
Endearing walrus face carved from walrus tusk, with 12 karat gold filled kidney links....
Price: SOLD!
1950s Convivial Gent Money Clip
Item: W00013
Tuxedo, top hat, walking stick. It's no wonder even the lamppost appears to lean closer...
Price: $45.00