1940s Black Wool Petal Hat
Item: WH00074
A cross between a chocolate kiss and flower - a delightful 1940s black wool hat that has...
Price: $95.00
1940s Black & Pink Tilt Hat Saucy Flowers & Bow
Item: WH00073
1940s black wool hat featuring a vivid hot pink band around the crown with black floral...
Price: $175.00
1950s New Look Turban Skullcap Studded Jersey
Item: WH00072
With a nod to previous decades, this 1950s New Look era skullcap fits like a turban....
Price: $155.00
1950s Black Velvet Ostrich Feather Headband
Item: WH00069
Late 1940s - 1950s black velvet headband style hat with a gorgeous spray of ostrich...
Price: $85.00
1960s Bonnie Cashin Wrap Coat
Item: WC00030
The best of Bonnie Cashin in a soft enveloping wrap-style coat features the classic...
Price: SOLD!
1960s Cashin-style Gray Flannel Topper
Item: WC00124
Thick gray wool flannel is accented with black leather and Bonnie Cashin-style gold-tone...
Price: SOLD!
1920s Flapper Black Wool Wrap Coat
Item: WC00116
Side wrap coat of softest wool weave with a batted lining that makes you feel as though...
Price: SOLD!

Price: $0.00