1960s Cascading Pastel Gems Shoe Clips
Item: CL00005
Shoe clips are the ultimate throw-back from a time when women didn't have as many options...
Price: $45.00
1960s Key Chain w/ Secret Compart & Rhinestones
Item: K00006
For the girl with the world at her fingertips. A golden globe with a tight hinge that...
Price: $55.00
1930s Whiting & Davis Gold Mesh Purse w/ Box
Item: P00098
Whiting & Davis mesh purse with chain short handle has the original box - perfect for...
Price: $130.00
1950s Women's Fabric & Gold Leather Wallet
Item: W00012
This fabric pattern has made numerous appearances over the decades - we had a pair of...
Price: $70.00
1960s Pearlized Wrap-around Sunglass Frames
Item: GL00008
Pearlized white layer over clear with a softly-rounded wrap-around temple. 7-barrel...
Price: $145.00
1960s Victory Suntimer Mod White Sunglasses
Item: GL00009
Heavy sculptural off-white oval frame sunglasses with gray-green original glass lenses....
Price: $245.00
Enid Collins Sea Garden Handbag
Item: P00093
There are different versions of the Sea Garden motif but all include some variation of...
Price: SOLD!
Vintage Salesman Sample Golf Bag
Item: P00092
Whether this was meant to be a purse or was simply a salesman's sample need not matter....
Price: $135.00