1930s Mink Fur Muff Purse
Item: WM00004
1930s mink fur muff has a brown satin ruched back and the most enviable detail of all - a...
Price: $140.00
1950s Caron Black Floral Beaded Purse
Item: P00112
Black fabric handbag with black plastic flowers and beads on front, bordered with...
Price: $70.00
1930s Crochet Popcorn Purse With Scottie Frame
Item: P00113
Popular in the 1920s and 1930s, when women had time to make purses from kits. Cinnamon...
Price: $70.00
1930s Art Deco Wedding Cake Topper - Mint
Item: TT00001
Incredibly never-used 1930s Art Deco wedding cake topper featuring a lovely and elegant...
Price: SOLD!
Pair of Victorian Tortoise Shell Hair Combs
Item: JH00003
Tortoise shell combs, one with gold-wash filigree decoration. Light and thin, not...
Price: $185.00
Victorian Tortoise Shell Fan Cockade
Item: F00001
DAHLIA, June 2: just responded to your inquiry; your aol account isn't accepting our...
Price: $445.00
Victorian Tortoise Shell Round Box, Vanity Trinke
Item: CMP00008
Flawless tortoise shell vanity lidded box; think outside the "box": perfect as an extra...
Price: $255.00
1950s Japanese Bamboo Basket Handbag
Item: P00108
1950 - 1960s Japanese basket hand bag. Purse is lined with fabric featuring a drawstring...
Price: $275.00