trousers & jeans
1960s H Bar C Cotton Black Western Pants
Item: MP00032
Black cotton H Bar C pants with pearly snap details and arrow belt tabs appear never...
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1960s Penney's Big Mac Overalls
Item: MP00028
Denim overalls with copper Big Mac buttons and buckles feature an unusual square back...
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c. 1970 Saddle King by Key Jeans
Item: MP00027
These indigo denim jeans by Saddle King (made by Key) are in wonderful shape considering...
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1940s Levi's 501 XX Big E Jerky Patch Jeans
Item: MP00025
These original Levi’s 501 XX Big E jeans with jerky tag came from a local Montana...
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1950s H Bar C Black Wool Trouser
Item: MP00024
Trouser of soft black wool has a bright navy addition that brightens the black and gives...
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1950s H Bar C Wool Gabardine Pants - Mint
Item: MP00010
Never-worn deepest charcoal gray (not quite black) wool gabardine pants in a classic...
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1930s Lee Buckle-back Jeans w/ Great Provenance
Item: MP00002
These highly coveted buckle-back Lee Cowboy line jeans belonged to a real cowboy, or...
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Levi's 501 Redlines Akamimi
Item: MP00005
Levi's 501 jeans with redlines; they are not Big E. Back patch label is missing. They...
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