Vintage Leather Aviator Helmet Scully Brothers
Item: MH00013
Aviator helmets from the early days of flight are not only hard to find, but difficult to...
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1900s Linen Duster, Motoring Coat
Item: MC00026
The duster: long associated with outlaws and men of the West. It served its purpose - to...
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1940s Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Item: MC00025
Best of the best - horsehide motorcycle jacket with the simplest design. Two flannel...
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c. 1940 Overcoat w/ Wide Fur Collar, Belted
Item: MC00021
Flawless condition, double-breasted gabardine belted overcoat with a wide faux fur...
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1940s Leather Jacket
Item: MC00022
With all of the wear and age that you could hope for. 1940s zip-front leather jacket has...
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1950s Penney's Towncraft Overcoat
Item: MC00020
Hands-down the ultimate in 1950s fleck fabric coats we've ever seen, let alone been able...
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1950s Wool Overcoat w/ Window Pane Plaid
Item: MC00015
Coat of oatmeal wool shot with a terra cotta window pane plaid for a soft drape. Unlined,...
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Levi's 506XX 1st Buckle-back Denim Jacket
Item: MJ00012
Levi's 506XX buckle-back jacket has silver buckle in back and single flap-front pocket....
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