1960s Brooks Brothers Charcoal Striped Suit
item MSU00028

Imagine that you're standing on a dirt road somewhere north of Choteau and south of Canada, with nothing all around but dry grass on gentle rolling hills and wheat where the ground is flat. On your way to an appointment to look at suits, you drive to the highest point, get out of the car and begin pacing the road, phone in outstretched hand, searching for a signal. Because you're lost. The sky would be blue but it's really gray from all of the smoke from the Ahorn fire. You see a black thing, just hanging in the sky, unmoving. It looks like a kite, but kites don't fly themselves in the middle of nowhere. A kestrel, wings arched and holding itself motionless against the wind until it dives to its prey. You forget all about being lost while thinking, "and other people have to watch tv to see that...", when next you hear the unmistakable sound of something coming down the dirt road. All you can see is a massive moving cloud of dust kicked up from the road. The cab of a truck emerges from the dust - BIG truck - a father behind the wheel with his young son beside him. You expect that they'll smile and wave, and slow down as this hurricane of dirt fast approaches. But they don't, and you find yourself scrambling and diving toward the safety of your car as you are, literally, dusted, just like Roger Thornhill (the Third) in "North By Northwest", screaming to no one, "you're (bleep)ing KIDding me...." Nor do they stop to ascertain whether assistance could be offered.

Some of you ask, "where do vintage suits come from?" They don't grow on trees or come from a stork or knock at the door. 500 miles to end up lost and dusted in almost-Canada before finally finding the owner, whose pack of drooling unruly dogs all set upon you. To end with the pleasure of discovering suits that belonged to a man who worked on The Street in the 50s and 60s. We don't go that extra mile, we go those extra 480-something miles.

Lightweight charcoal fabric with a lighter gray stripe with a medium blue and deep red, as well. Gorgeous, and completely current. From the "346" line - still so classic that it continues to this day (but older is better.) The trousers have a higher waist, please take note of outseam. The former owner is over 6'. Deep cuffs. Label: Brooks Brothers

What happened when we finally got to our hotel in the miniscule town where hundreds of firemen were encamped? To be continued ...

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Size 43 long: jacket: chest 46", shoulder to shoulder 20.5", collar to cuff 37.5", outer sleeve length 26.5", length 34" trousers: waist 35", rise 15", inseam 30", outseam 41.5", cuff 9"

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