1950s Sexy Open-weave Light Blue Polo Shirt
item MS00065

Another from our Why I Go To The Gym Collection. Rrrrrow. Pale blue and white twisted yarn in a very open crochet for the brave. Solid blue ribbed collar, sleeve bands and waist. Three very-50s buttons are set low so even if you choose to be buttoned up, you're still giving a bit away (we're grateful). From the estate of an uber-cool gent in his 80s who still works as a disc jockey every Monday morning. And we mean Disc jockey - he's still spinning the black circles. No label. Appropriate for a contemporary S - M (see unstretched measurements)

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Length 29", chest 34", sleeve 10.5" - all measurements unstretched

Price: $80.00