1940s Gold Silk Smoking Jacket w/Cherry Blossoms
item MR00010

You're looking forward to getting home after ending another in a long string of days of wondering why your boss, Chief Dreyfus, is so....so, well, exasperatedly red-faced when dealing with you. You've very cleverly evaded a bomb ("a what?"), a biting dog, and even some highly incensed nudists. Visions of wrapping yourself in your favorite smoking jacket while your faithful manservant, Cato, prepares your evening cocktail.....no. Did it ever progress that far for Clouseau? Of course not. You, on the other hand, can rest assured that nobody will spring from behind the wardrobe doors, crash through the ceiling, or catapult you and your lover out the window and into the Seine before you've had a chance to forget your cares.

One of a kind silk smoking jacket features gold thread highlights throughout, including heavy stitched detailing on pockets. Lined in ivory silk. Made in Kyoto.

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Length 38", chest 42", sleeve 26", shoulder to shoulder 19.5"

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