1900s Linen Duster, Motoring Coat
item MC00026

The duster: long associated with outlaws and men of the West. It served its purpose - to protect one's clothes from dust. Eventually the coat evolved as an elegant solution for motorists. Open cars combined with poorly maintained roads resulted in the same problem due to transportation issues (and you thought your commute was annoying). Early dusters had a split back for ease of riding. Motoring dusters dispensed with that feature.

So-hard-to-find exquisite raw linen duster in pristine condition - and a LARGE size. The original owner was a tall drink of water and the cuffs were let out fully and retain original hand-stitching from alteration. Collar has button tab closure on underside with two buttons for adjusting. Front button placket has concealed button tab closure at bottom for reinforcement. Pockets have opening to interior of coat (you), as well. Superb condition with two spots visible from inside only. Label: HR&L

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Length 56", chest 48", shoulder to shoulder 21", outer sleeve 28.5"

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