1970s Bob Mackie Bathing Suit
item LSW00001

There were reasons Bob Mackie made a name for himself - (Sony &) Cher being one - that seem a distant past from cable shopping. Alas. Madge in the mid-West wouldn't be breaking an acrylic nail stabbing furiously at the phone over this while the quantity available (or whatever it shows in the lower corner of the screen) lessens. And it's a good thing. This was made for the days when ladies lived on Tab and More 100s. Or today's hard-won fit physique, or course. Vivid stripes with elastic self-ties - and a bottom that gives perfect coverage. Label: Bob Mackie, for Saks Fifth Avenue, for Cole of California

Condition: Excellent

Measurements: Approx. size 4 - 6, contemporary

Price: This item has been sold.