1940s Levi's 501 XX Big E Jerky Patch Jeans
item MP00025

These original Levi's 501 XX Big E jeans with jerky tag came from a local Montana estate. These are the real deal – no reproduction here, and no way anyone would mistake them for such. Leather tag has aged and darkened and is illegible, but is intact in one piece with no splits.

Condition is as pictured – these were worked in by someone who worked hard. They come from a town that was populated by ranchers, farmers, and railroad workers – that's it.

Features include redline selvedge, hidden rivets, button fly, V stitching on back pockets with black thread at top of pockets, and although they've aged a lot, it's still possible to see the difference in thread color on the rear pockets. Back side of rivets read “L. S. & Co.” with no stamped numbers. No number stamped on backside of top button rivet, either. Red Levi tab on back pocket is single sided – there's no stitching on the reverse (back) of tab. V stitching on inside of top fly button. Single stitching on pockets. Single center back belt loop.

Condition: Good

Measurements: Waist 31.5", inseam 26"

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